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Preservation Tree Services provides sustainable, science-based tree care  to residential, municipal and commercial clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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Tent Worms are Invading! Will They Harm Your Trees?

It’s that time of year when pests of all sorts show up to feed on our landscape plants and trees. This year, with the heavy rains and mild temperatures, they seem to be out in force. Forest tent caterpillars are practically blanketing the DFW area right now. We’re finding them everywhere! If you’ve found these pests in your landscape, read on to learn more...
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Forest tent caterpillars feed on tree's new foliage and can quickly defoliate trees if present in large numbers. Defoliation can stunt growth and vigor of your tree and damage trees already under stress.

We use natural methods to control infestations of tent caterpillars.

Go here for more information on tent caterpillars. Suspect your trees have an infestation? Give us a call for an inspection.