Great job. I was amazed at the cabling job-I could not find them and was told to look up in the upper portion of the canopy and there they were. Very impressed. ” - John S.

Daniel Cottier

Daniel Cottier


  • Registered Consulting Arborist - 530
  • Board Certified Master Arborist - RM-7158BUTML
  • Texas Oak Wilt Certified - 0227
  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
  • Certified Treecare Safety Professional
  • Member - ASCA, ISA, ISA-TX, SMA, SCA, UAA, & AREA

Daniel grew up in northeastern Texas and worked in the the Green Industry before moving to the Front Range of Colorado in 2005 where he acquired a degree in Horticulture and a decade of field experience in commercial, municipal, and utility arboriculture. After earning several certifications, qualifications, and licenses within the tree care industry, he returned to North Central Texas in July of 2015 where he is studying business management and travels whenever possible with his family. Daniel’s pragmatic approach to applying available research and technology is how he works with his clients to transform their trees from potential liabilities into growing assets.