We weren't home at the time of the service, but the communication about our injured tree was excellent as well as the treatment. Thank You. ” - Michele M.

Susan R. Landers

Susan R. Landers

Safety Coordinator/Educational Trainer

  • ISA Certified Aborist We-7005a
  • TCIA CTSP 1189

Susan Landers is a 20-year veteran of the tree care industry. A graduate of the American Society of Consulting Arborists Academy, an International Society of Arboricultural Certified Arborist, and a Tree Care Industry Association Certified Safety Professional, Susan is extremely well-versed in the many aspects of our industry. In addition, she is an EMS Certified Instructor in first aid and CPR. She has dedicated much of her career to safe practices, instruction and training. As Preservation Tree’s Safety Coordinator and Educational Trainer, Susan guides and enhances our corporate culture of safety which is at the core of all we do for our clients, employees, and your trees.