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Avoid Ice Storm Damage To Your Trees This Winter!

Here in Texas, we never know if winter will bring mild temperatures like last winter, or weeks of ice such as back in 2010. It’s best to prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and go ahead and get your trees pruned proactively. Weak or hanging limbs can be a danger to you, your family and your home if ice or snow collects on them, causing branches to break and possibly damaging roofs, cars, or even a family member or neighbor.


As certified arborists, we understand, scientifically and through experience, which limbs will be a hazard and which aren’t. Naturally brittle trees such as Hackberry will also benefit from preventative pruning. Sometimes, we recommend completely removing a tree if the tree has become weak and hazardous. This is one such story about a tree removal we wrote about on our blog. Removing a tree is a tough decision, but sometimes a necessary one.

Year-round prevention is key. Healthy trees will best withstand ice and snow, so be sure you are on a yearly fertilizing schedule. Proper watering through the summer months is also a big help in keeping roots and branches strong. Drought stressed trees are far more susceptible to wind, ice and snow damage. You might not realize your tree is weak, until we experience severe weather.

Now is the time to schedule a consultation. Don’t wait! Texas weather is full of surprises!

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Posted: November 11, 2013