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Holiday Gift-giving Should Include Trees

Do you have a family member whose trees could use some expert care? Perhaps a new homeowner or a parent that needs help around their landscape. Instead of a gift that might collect dust on a shelf or get returned, why not gift a much-needed service? Our professional arborist consultations and SEASONS tree fertilization program are great gifts for those who want beautiful, long-living trees in their landscape.

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​Gift an Expert

Just like you and your family each get a year check up from the doctor, so should your trees. Our Certified Arborists offer professional 1-hour consultations to evaluate your tree’s overall health, potential hazards, identify potential problems pest or disease problems. They can also advise on protective measures if you have an upcoming construction project such as a home add on or a pool installation. Our arborists will walk you through the best course of action for maintaining the health and vitality of your trees be it canopy restructuring, custom fertilization, root flare exposure or soil aeration. A small investment in trees today could save you big time in the years to come.

Benefits of our SEASONS program

When it comes to fertilization and pest control treatments, we always use the solution that has the least amount of impact on your surrounding environment. Our organic SEASONS program encourages vigorous plant growth but also arms your trees with biological defenses to ward off insects and instill disease resistance. Each family’s trees are given a customized program of fertilization and pest and disease control that fits their trees best. We visit your property each season to feed your trees, the soil and treat for over-wintering pests. Want to know more about how we manage your trees each season? Read more on the program HERE.

You can even gift tree pruning if you know your recipient's trees haven’t had any expert attention in a long time. Give us a call and we can come up a plan for gifting tree services to the new (or established) homeowner on your list.

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Posted: December 8, 2015