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How Does Lightning Damage Trees?

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An initial glance at this tree might make you think it had been clawed by a pretty big cat! However, those marks are the tell-tale signs of lightning damage.

You might think hiding under a tree during a lightning storm is a good idea. However, trees can act like lightning rods. The moisture inside the tree is a natural attractant of lightning and their height gives the lightning something to grab onto. When it strikes a tree, it travels down the tree just under the bark’s surface. Mixed with the moisture in the tree, it causes the bark to explode off of the trunk. These large wounds leave the tree exposed to pests and disease.

It’s never a good idea to leave severely damaged trees unattended as they can become serious safety hazards. Experienced, certified arborists should always be called into assess the tree and decide if it can be saved.

Have a tree that needs to be taken off your property or assessed for damage after a storm? Contact us for a certified arborist to inspect your tree.

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Posted: November 13, 2014