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Not Fertilizing Your Trees? Big Mistake!

Large mature trees can often seem totally self-sufficient; but they could be slowly starving right before your eyes. There are a few ways to make mistakes when it comes to fertilizing trees.

Not fertilizing your urban trees is the first big mistake. Urban life is hard on our trees and often there simply aren’t enough nutrients available in our soils to keep our trees strong. However, you can go to the other extreme of over-feeding with chemical fertilizers that damage soil health.


Just as you need vitamins and nutrients to stay strong and healthy, so do your trees. When your trees become weak, they become more susceptible to pests and disease. Weakened trees are also a hazard. Without the proper nutrients to keep them strong, they can become brittle, causing heavy limbs to fall on your home, car, or even you!

If you see our trucks around town, chances are we’re giving trees a root-zone injection with our organic liquid compost and mycorrhizal fungi. This will help trees build a stronger root system and ability to take up nutrients. We also apply a root zone injection and soil drench with the organic compost extract to give trees a quicker boost of nutrients and build soil health.

Need to get your trees on a healthy meal-plan? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your trees will thank you!

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Posted: May 15, 2014