Thank you so much. The trees look great. And it makes me feel better if we get another nasty storm! ” - Evelyn R.



What ARE Those Fuzzy Lumpy Things on my Tree’s Leaves?

When you first encounter galls on your tree, it’s easy to panic. Galls can be quite dramatic looking and justifiably cause concern about your tree’s health.


How Mycorrhizal Fungi Help Trees ‘Communicate’

Trees are fascinating organisms; and the more research we do on trees the more amazing facts we discover. Did you know that trees are able to communicate with each other to warn of impending danger and share resources?


How Wood Boring Insects Damage Your Trees

Did you know that there can be damaging insects lurking below the surface of your tree’s bark? Wood boring insects come in a variety of forms and do a variety of damage to your trees.


How Lawn Tools Can Damage Your Trees

Power lawn tools are a wonderful time saver & make easy work of all your yard chores. But, tools such as lawn mowers and string trimmers can cause serious damage to your trees.


Tree Recovery After a Storm: Free Educational Webinar

Tree Recovery After a Storm: Free Educational Webinar


Texas Lawn & Garden Tax Holi​day

Over Memorial Day Weekend, retailers can sell select water saving products without charging sales tax (includes all plants & more).


Red-tailed Hawks: Babies!

Recently, a crew came upon a nest of baby red-tailed hawks at a client’s property on Lake Kiowa.


Birdwatching in DFW

Birdwatching is a great activity you and your family can take up; you might as well get to know some of your local neighbors who live in your trees!