Scott & Kelly: I just want to thank you both so much for fitting [us] in your schedule yesterday. I went by there this morning and the guys did a wonderful job. ” - Keith J.


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Urban Fruit Trees

While companies like ours typically spend most of our time focused on the care of your large shade trees, we also think it’s important to add fruit trees to your urban landscape. Planting even just one fruit tree is a small investment that can result in years of enjoyment. Many fruits are easy to grow in Texas with just a little effort.

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Choosing Trees to Attract Birds

While we all typically choose trees and large shrubs for their shade and ornamental value, we should also keep in mind which species make good food sources and habitats for wildlife we'd like to attract to our gardens. Here in the DFW area, we have a wide variety of bird species. Some are native, while others pass through our gardens each year on their migratory travels.

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Time to Prune Oak Trees

Now is the time to schedule us for oak tree pruning!!Wonder why you've had to wait all spring for us to prune oaks? Here at Preservation Tree, we take great care to make sure we do not prune oak trees during peak transmission season. Spring is the time when oak trees have the highest chance of contracting oak wilt disease; pruning in spring leaves them very vulnerable to this disease.

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Stage 3 Water Restrictions in North Texas

On June 1st 2013, many communities across North Texas entered Stage 3 Water Restrictions. This means you may only run your automated sprinkler system once per week on your assigned day. Also, remember that you may not run sprinkler systems between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Read more about tree care during water restrictions.

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Feed your trees properly year-round

For many, trees seem like self-sufficient, permanent fixtures in the landscape. It's easy to forget that they need to be cared for and fertilized just like smaller ornamentals in your garden. The urban environment can be very tough on our trees. If you have a well-kept yard, neatly mowed and manicured, you probably have hungry trees.

Live Oak Removal

Removing large established trees: Hard decision, but sometimes the right one.

As our name states, our constant goal is to protect and preserve the health of your trees so they can be enjoyed to their fullest. However, trees are living things and nothing is permanent. Sometimes we have to make the tough decision to take down a tree that might seem "normal" or healthy looking to the untrained eye. Perhaps the tree is of historical significance, as was the case with this 100 Year Old Red Oak on Swiss Avenue we had to remove this spring.


Preservation Tree Service: Experts in Emergency Tree Removals

North Texas is no stranger to high winds and big storms. A couple of nights ago we were supposed to have another big storm come through, but it ended up being a heavy rainstorm with moderate winds. Everyone in Dallas say "hey, that's it?" Even in what can seem like a "mild" storm or rainfall in our area, you can have serious tree damage; especially if the tree was in poor condition in the first place.


Soil Testing in Dallas and Fort Worth

Healthy soil is the key to a happy and healthy landscape. The right soil balance and biology means a strong and vigorous tree. Often, when one of our certified arborists inspects your trees they may recommend having a soil analysis performed.