I have great respect for the work that Preservation Tree does. I know that their professional Arborists are working to give our oak trees the best care possible. ” - Clare M.

Preservation Tree Service: Experts in Emergency Tree Removals

North Texas is no stranger to high winds and big storms. A couple of nights ago we were supposed to have another big storm come through, but it ended up being a heavy rainstorm with moderate winds. Everyone in DFW said "hey, that's it?" Even in what can seem like a "mild" storm or rainfall in our area, you can have serious tree damage; especially if the tree was in poor condition in the first place.

Here is a tree that fell on a home as a result of that "mild" rain storm. We were called in today to carefully remove the tree.

As you can see in the photo, there was already some decay and damage at a low point on the main trunk of the tree. With this large area of decay, the tree was structural unsound and a hazard tree. All it took was the mild rainstorm we had to cause it to split and fall on the home. We removed this tree today and will also grind out the stump.

Here at Preservation Tree Service, our goal is always to help you preserve your trees by keeping them in good health. Having one of our certified arborists visit your home for a complementary consultation is a great way to start. We can assess the health and structural integrity of your existing trees and customize a plan for proper pruning and fertilization. We can also identify hazard branches or trees that may require removal. In the case where a tree must be removed, we can also replant new trees for you.

Please don't wait for a tree like this to cause damage to your home. Give us a call at 214.528.2266 or 817.581.4502 or CONTACT US online.

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Posted: May 24, 2013