Thank you for the [Citizen Forester] presentation today! I know I personally learned many tips that will help me on a few of my projects, and I heard many positive comments after the meeting. ” - Samantha H.

Spring Tree Check-Up

Spring has sprung! You might be wondering how some of your trees are faring after the very cold winter and intense ice storms we experienced this past season. It's a good idea to have a spring check-up performed on your trees just to make sure there is no lingering damage from the ice storms.


When trees begin to leaf out in spring, it becomes much easier for arborists to diagnose remaining hazard branches. It's also a time of year when certain diseases will spring into action on your tree's new growth. Fire blight and bacterial leaf scorch are two such diseases.

We're out and about feeding trees their spring application of our liquid compost fertilizer. We make our fertilizer from the branches and leaves we remove from trees we prune. Nothing gets wasted! If it's been a while since you fed your trees, now would be a great time to get them on our organic fertilizer program.

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Posted: March 27, 2014