A great group of people, honest & reliable. They weren't just looking to make money, they were honestly looking out for the trees first. Exceeded our expectations and I will definitely refer to all friends and real estate clients. ” - John F.

Tree Services at Hillcrest and Park Ln.

You might have noticed some tree services going on at the large property at Hillcrest and Park recently. Our Arborists and crews have been working to improve the health of some of their mature Red Oaks. These are beautiful trees and the owners are committed to caring for them and preserving their health.

Back in January, we properly pruned a number of their trees, along with an application of Winter Seasons dormant oil for natural pest control. When we were walking the property, we noticed four of their mature Red Oaks had borer activity.

In order to improve overall vigor in response to the borer infestation, we treated for the borers, along with radial trenching to expose the root flares, soil aeration, and spread a 1-inch layer or compost beneath drip line.

You might think this would cause a big mess, but here is one snapshot of finished work in the area:

In addition to helping the tree, the soil aeration we performed will also be beneficial for the surrounding turf which will fill back in nicely. We will continue to monitor all the trees on property and will work to get these Red Oaks back to good health. This group does have some beautiful mature tree specimens on property and we want to make sure they stay that way!

If you think you have borers in your trees, or your trees seem to lack vigor, please call us today so we can visit your home and do a full assessment on your trees. 214.528.2266 or

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Posted: February 28, 2013