Thank you! Your team has been thorough and great to work with. All in all we are very pleased with your service. Thank you for your responsiveness! ” - Jake T.


Preservation Tree offers a wide variety of services to keep your trees vibrant and healthy. Our work is bonded and insured, our company maintains industry-specific and Better Business Bureau accreditation, and our team members are certified, degreed and licensed.

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    SEASONS Tree

    Learn more about our earth-friendly bio-fertilization program that helps grow strong beautiful trees.

  • Lawn

    SEASONS Lawn

    Learn more about our earth-friendly bio-fertilization program for a healthy, beautiful, and family-friendly lawn.

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    Tree Pruning

    Expert tree pruning and trimming services to produce strong, healthy, and attractive trees. Prevent storm damage!

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    Arborist Evaluation

    Our Certified Arborists can inspect and evaluate your tree's health and needs.

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    The Consulting Group

    Our Registered Consulting Arborists provide high-level evaluations, assessments, and legal support.

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    Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

    Preservation Tree specializes in tricky tree removals. When a tree must be removed, we have the skilled staff to tackle even very tricky and large removals.

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    Tree Cabling and Bracing

    Preservation Tree performs tree cabling and bracing in accordance with industry standards, as outlined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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    Tree Disease and Insect Control

    Preservation Tree uses natural methods to control tree pests and diseases.

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    Oak Wilt Management

    Oak Wilt is an especially insidious disease that is easily transmitted and can kill a tree in a single growing season.

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    Soil Aeration

    Aerated soil is more resistant to fluctuations and extremes in temperature.

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    Root Flare Exposure

    Girdling, or choking, causes a constriction of the major flare roots of a tree.

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    Soil Analysis

    Soil analysis is used whenever there is a problem that normal treatments do not resolve.

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    Tree Construction Protection

    When you are starting a building project, Preservation Tree can create and deploy tree protection plans to protect your existing trees.

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    Tree Planting Services

    Preservation Tree and the Texas Trees Foundation are working together to help achieve a 5% increase in urban tree cover by providing their joint tree planting initiative in North Texas.

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    Tree Emergency Response

    Storms often lead to fallen trees and emergency tree care needs. Preservation Tree keeps a certified arborist on call at all times to assist in emergency situations in Dallas and Fort Worth.