It was such a pleasure working with PTS, whether it was Scott or the men who came to do the work or the people in the office. Everyone is on the ball and very service oriented. A rarity in the service industry world. ” - Ben G.

Tree Resource Assessment

Municipalities and developers need to know what they are working with, and its value, before they develop urban spaces. Once a tree inventory has been completed, you'll need to analyze the information in order to determine the qualitative and quantitiative value of your tree resources. Knowing the value and resource potental of the trees on a given property allows you to make the right decision as you move forward through the development and building process.

Preservation Tree can perform your initial tree inventory, from which we can complete a resource assessment. Or, we can use your existing tree inventory to provide a resource assessment. For an example of a Resource Assessment we've worked on, you can view the 2014 Urban Forest Ecosystem Analysis.