We haven't come up with a question about our trees that Getth couldn't immediately answer. We are so impressed with service and depth of knowledge at Preservation Tree! ” - Rebecca W.

Tree Emergency Response

Emergency tree care is extremely hazardous for all concerned. We ask that you evaluate your condition to warrant an emergency response. As appropriate, existing Preservation Tree Services clients will be serviced first based on the following priorities.

  • Priority 1) Is life, personal injury, or structure damage at risk?
  • Priority 2) Ingress and/or egress from your home/business is restricted.
  • Priority 3) limbs on ground, no imminent danger to persons or property.

Our charge for emergency services are as follows: Minimum charge of $300.00 for dispatch, travel and labor for first hour of crew. Each additional hour will be billed at rate of $100.00 per man hour. All clients requesting a crew to be dispatched to their property will be billed a minimum of $300.00. All services will be invoiced immediately and payments are due upon receipt of invoice.

We will make conditions safe within our limits (**please contact your electric service provider if limbs/trees are in contact with electric service wires) clear passage and stack debris for return when hazardous conditions improve. Return visits will be billed at normal rates.

We appreciate your trust in Preservation Tree Services.