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The SEASONS program at Preservation Tree Services promotes tree health and longevity in a natural manner that not only encourages vigorous plant growth but also arms your trees with biological defenses to ward off insects and instill disease resistance. Our SEASONS program is customized to the particular needs of your trees and large landscape shrubs. It also brings our staff to your property on a regular basis, so potential problems are identified before they intensify or worsen.

In tune with the seasons…

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Your personal SEASONS plan can range from 3 to 5 visits per year, depending on your tree's needs and your goals. It always includes one annual arborist inspection.

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SEASONS is a scientific and environmentally-conscious approach to year-round tree care that utilizes organic and low-impact methods. Our annual program delivers services and applications timed to take advantage of your trees’ natural cycles and seasonal patterns of growth, dormancy and re-growth. 

SEASONS Base Program: 3 Visits per year

We'll feed the soil around the root zone of your trees in both Spring and Fall. Plus, a certified arborist will make an annual property visit to inspect all your trees for any health or structural concerns, and make recommendations. 

  • Arborist Inspection
    A seasoned and certified arborist will visit your property once per year to do a full evaluation of your trees. They will look for any health or structural concerns and provide you with a report and tree care recommendations.
  • Spring Season
    Root zone injection of SEASONS Liquid Compost with Mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria and other essential micro-organisms for a healthy soil, is applied by sub-surface soil injection to enhance soil health and provide components for vigorous leaf and shoot development.
  • Fall Season
    Root zone injection of SEASONS Liquid Compost with Mycorrhizal fungi and other healthy soil micro-organisms, is applied by sub-surface soil injection to enhance soil health and provide components for vigorous root development.

Boost your tree's health...

SEASONS Upgrades: 3+ Visits per year

Want to take your tree's health to the next level? Add on our summer foliar fertilization and soil feeding. This additional treatment is especially helpful for stressed trees and trees that have suffered drought, pest or structural damage. 

  • Spring through Summer
    Root zone injection and soil drench with SEASONS Liquid Compost in the summer increases your tree's ability to uptake nutrients in the soil through summer drought, and increases water retention in soil even in the hottest months.  
  • Winter Season: Control Pests 
    An environmentally-compatible Horticultural Oil application to Trees and Shrubs for the control of mites, scale and other small insect pests which feed on plant sap and overwinter in the cracks and crevices of the twigs and branches.
  • Soil Aeration
    We carefully aerate the soil around tree roots to improve air flow, reduce soil compaction and improve the function of your tree’s root system.
  • Additional Property Reviews
    For larger properties with additional trees, we recommend an additional on-site tree check by a Certified Arborist.

Learn more about our Seasons Program:

SEASONS Program Information Sheet Learn how our SEASONS program grows healthy, strong trees. - (download - .pdf)