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GREEN-UP NORTH TEXAS Tree Planting Program

It may surprise you to learn that Dallas-Fort Worth is home to one of the largest urban forests in the United States. It is easy to take our magnificent trees for granted; but, the demands of rapid population growth, pollution, poor tree maintenance, drought and the aging of our trees make it more important than ever to focus on urban reforestation.

According to the Texas Forest Service, due to persistent drought, new construction, poor maintenance, storms and other factors, we’ve lost 500 million trees in Texas over the last few years. Let’s say that again: 500 million trees

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The Texas Trees Foundation has a goal of planting 3-million trees by 2022. We want to support this ambitious goal.

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Part of reforesting our urban areas will not only include plantings in public spaces and commercial properties, but also help homeowners plant high quality trees on their properties and replace trees that have to be removed. Greening up North Texas will also require that new trees be expertly planted to ensure their long term success.

By applying skilled pruning, planting and specialized plant health care techniques, our goal is to help you keep the trees you love, and keep our North Texas region green.

In a 2006 study performed by the Texas Trees Foundation, it was discovered that the Environment was rated #3 as a top concern for Dallas residents. 81% were concerned about air pollution, while 73% were concerned about water pollution. The current 14+ million trees in Dallas help to reduce carbon in the area by two million tons. These same trees capture more than 59-million cubic feet of storm water runoff. Large shade trees such as Live Oak, Cedar Elms and Chinquapin Oak trees strategically planted around a home can reduce energy (heating and cooling) consumption by up to 25%. If we want a healthy environment, we need trees!

Ready to start planting your part of the urban forest? Give us a call at 214.528.2266 or 817.581.4502, or email us.

How does the plan work?

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GREEN-UP NORTH TEXAS Program: For a limited time only, we’re taking $50 off the price of each tree you purchase and have planted.

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Expert help in choosing the right tree for the right place in your landscape.

  • We source and deliver* your chosen tree variety to your property.
  • We plant** your tree in the proper size and type of hole, at the right depth.
  • An application of composted hardwood mulch to insulate roots, retain moisture and suppress weeds around the tree is added.
  • Every tree planted includes a one-year warranty.
  • We’ll provide tips on fertilizing, soil health, expert pruning, and more. Plus, you can always reach out via phone, or through email. Be sure to sign up for our bi-weekly E-newsletter for handy tree care information.
  • Price shown includes $50 discount.



These trees will need upwards of 60-feet of surrounding space to grow properly and cannot be planted on easements or under power lines. While we love Live Oaks for their classic beauty and stature, Cedar Elm and Chinquapin Oak trees are excellent additions to the landscape. They’ll easily shade your home or business and because of their size, will soak up the most carbon and other pollutants from the air.

  • Live Oak 30-gallon container $425.00
  • Cedar Elm 30-gallon container $405.00
  • Chinquapin Oak 30-gallon container $499.00


These trees will need about 40-feet of surrounding space grow to their full size. Perfect for moderate sized urban landscapes. Monterey Oak provide some much needed diversity and they are less susceptible to deadly Oak Wilt disease. Looking for lovely white summer blooms? Crape Myrtle ‘Natchez’ is a great choice. For stunning fall color, Red Maple is a classic beauty.

  • Monterrey Oak 30-gallon container $420.00
  • Red Maple 30-gallon container $416.00
  • Crape Myrtle ‘Natchez’ 30-gallon $395.00


For shaded areas of the landscape, or if you are in need of a smaller understory tree, Japanese maple ‘Bloodgood’ is a striking specimen. Oklahoma Redbud and Yaupon Holly are both excellent trees for smaller urban landscapes or as features in garden beds in sunny locations.

  • Japanese Maple ‘Bloodgood’ 30-gallon $520.00 (planted in shade to part shade only)
  • Oklahoma Redbud 30-gallon $475.00
  • Yaupon Holly 30-gallon $375.00

We only stake trees when absolutely necessary. Most often, staking your new tree is not beneficial. Your arborist will assess whether or not staking is recommended. We use a specialized system for staking trees that has a minimal visual impact on your landscape. Additional charges may apply for staking services.

All prices + sales tax

*Planting services are provided within a 25-mile radius of our Dallas-Fort Worth offices. Give us a call and we'll review your requested planting location. Additional planting service and delivery charges may apply outside of our standard planting area. **Planting location must be clear of debris, irrigation heads/lines, tree stumps, utility lines, etc. Homeowner must locate and mark any irrigation heads/lines or utility lines prior to site selection.

SEASONS: Our Tree Health Insurance Plan

Don’t forget about long-term care for your trees. If you’d like to make sure all of your trees, both new and old, live a long and strong life, be sure to review our SEASONS tree health care program.


This is how we plant trees to help them put their best roots forward!

GREEN-UP DFW Tree Planting Program PDF - (download - .pdf)