He (Francisco) did a great job, as he always does! ” - Bill M.

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Rams Horn

There's a Ram's Horn in My Tree??

What are ram's horns and how do they impact your tree?

Bald Cypress With Three Year History Gtn

A Bald Cypress Success Story

One of our arborists, Getth Nelson, reminisces about one of his first solo projects with Preservation Tree Services.

Shade On Sidewalks

Ask an Arborist: What can I do to get my trees and lawn to co-exist?

Lawn grasses are sun-lovers..and big trees make lots of shade.

Coral Bark Japanese Maple 3

Fall Trees Sport Colorful Display - Hooray!

The right balance of moisture and cooler evening temperatures conspire to provide a colorful display of red, orange, purple and gold in an array of tree species throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Lucky us!

Pecan 59 Inch Measured By Gtn

Giant Pecan Graces Aledo Landscape

Certified Arborist Getth Nelson captured these photos of an incredible tree specimen under the blue skies of Aledo, Texas. Now that's a perfect representative of the State Tree of Texas!