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Reduce Spring Tree Pests with Dormant Oil in Winter

It is necessary to treat for insects using dormant oil before they become an issue in the spring.

Pecan Gall On Foliage

Deformed Foliage on Your Pecan Trees?

Is the foliage on your beautiful pecan tree deformed? It could be an invasion of aphid-like insects breeding on your trees. Learn more about pecan gall.


Skeletonizer Insects Attack Local Trees

There’s no question that summer is definitely here in Texas. As the temperatures soar well above 100 F degrees, certain insects still manage to not only survive, but thrive. When plants are heat or water-stressed, they become prime victims of advantageous pests.


Are those tiny pinecones in my tree? No, they’re bagworms.

Our mild spring, with its continual rainfall, encouraged an explosion of chewing pests this summer - including bagworms. Bagworm “homes” look like small pinecone-like structures hanging from trees and shrubs. We’ve been seeing them pop up all over the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.


Is Ivy Growing Up My Tree a Bad Thing?

We are often asked “Will ivy growing up the trunk of my established tree harm it?” Yes and no. Generally, ivy will not harm a healthy, established tree. However, ivy growing around the base of a tree and up its trunk could be competing with nutrients, sunlight and water that the tree needs. This could cause the tree to weaken and become more prone to pests and disease.


Keep Winter Bugs at Bay with Dormant Oil

If you want to control pests like scale and other spring pests on your trees, hollies and other shrubs, now’s the time to get on our winter schedule.

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What’s All the Stress About? Could Be Aphids!

This month, we’re noticing many new insect infestations on trees around the DFW area. Because many of our urban trees are stressed from heat, improper watering and lack of fertilization, they are more susceptible to pest problems. Aphids are one of those pests invading trees right now, as seen on the leaves of the post oak (in photo) that we recently inspected.

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Are Borers Eating Your Tree From the Inside Out?!

While inspecting a client’s trees recently, we found a downed tree on the road and decided to take a closer look. It turned out that the tree was filled with borer insects, which were most likely the reason that the tree ultimately had to be taken down. Or at least they finished the job!


What's munching on your tree? Could be tent caterpillars!

You love your trees, right? Well so do a lot of leaf-chewing pests! If you look up, and look closely, you might start to noticed some of these critters having your tree for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We are beginning to see tent caterpillars, leaf rollers and bagworms in trees now.

Walnut  Catepillar On  Pecan Sm

The caterpillars are coming! Watch out for these leaf chewing critters on your trees.

While it might still be a bit chilly outside, spring has definitely sprung and we're starting to see springtime pests emerge on your trees

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Prevent Oak Wilt Now!

Oak Wilt is an especially insidious disease that is easily transmitted and can kill a tree in a single growing season. It affects mostly Live Oak and Red Oak trees.

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Dormant Oil: Great treatment for scale on trees

Now is the time to plan for applying eco-friendly dormant oil to fruit trees, shade trees & shrubs, roses, and hollies in January

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Beneficial Insect: Parasitic Wasps

Just in time for Halloween!In our landscapes, there are many bad insects that harm our plants and trees. But, in a well-balanced, organic landscape, the good bugs can push out (ie: devour!) the bad. One of those insects is the parasitic wasp.

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Fall Webworms are Here

Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to keep your eyes open for fall webworms. These caterpillars are most often found in pecan, sweetgum, mulberry willow, hickory oak and many other tree species. The caterpillars create webs in clusters than can cover large sections of foliage or even entire branches. Web clusters often reach several feet in diameter.


Tree Services at Hillcrest and Park Lane

You might have noticed some tree services going on at The Dallas Women's Club at Hillcrest and Park recently. Our Arborists and crews have been working to improve the health of some of their mature Red Oaks. These are beautiful trees and the DWC is committed to caring for them and preserving their health.