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How to Care for Young Trees

If you’re ready to plant new trees on your property, or need to replace trees damaged in storms, follow our tree care tips.


It’s time to plant trees in Texas!

Ready to plant new trees? You’re in luck, because fall just happens to be THE perfect time to plant new trees in Texas.


Shade Tress Help Combat the Urban Heat Island

Warming urban temperatures mean we need to plant more trees to create more shade.

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Right Tree, Right Place: Fall is Prime Planting Season in Texas

Fall is the prime time for planting new trees in Texas. New trees planted now benefit from cooler temperatures and increased rainfall during the fall season.

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Top Flowering Trees for Texas: Early Spring Bloomers

Spring is near! March 20th is the official first day and we can’t wait. However, our impatience is getting the better of us and we’re ready to see blooms earlier, rather than later. To ensure our own landscapes are some of the first to show color, we ornamental trees that are excellent early-spring bloomers. There are a number of small urban ornamental trees that are the perfect size for smaller landscapes, but still make a big impact.

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The Dallas Urban Forest

The City of Dallas encourages the growth of the urban forest by supplying trees and guidance to the citizens of Dallas through the Dallas Reforestation Fund.

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Fall is Planting Time in Texas

Fall is an excellent time to take advantage of the season and plant a new tree. Your arborist will have wonderful suggestions and all the experience to take you from planning to planting to enjoying the new addition to your landscape.

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New to Texas? Plant these Texas Tough alternatives to Lilacs and Dogwoods

Are you a recent Texas transplant adjusting to our extreme climate? You might not be able to plant the comforts of home in your new Texas landscape. Here are a few alternatives that are Texas tough but just as beautiful as those trees you left behind.

Munger Place Historic District Tree Planting Dec 162

Preservation Tree Services Helps Beautify Munger Place Historic District

Live in East Dallas? The City of Dallas provided trees to this wonderful, historic neighborhood and our skilled techs helped plant them throughout the neighborhood.

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The Pitfalls of Poor Planting: Did You Accidentally Kill Your Tree?

Proper planting is the key to a tree's great start!

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C’mon, show us your flare! Why tree root flares should be exposed.

Some tree health concerns aren’t obvious, while others could be staring you right in the face. One of the biggest contributors to tree decline is a simple one; your tree was planted too deep. Or, too much soil or mulch has been moved up against the base of your tree. If you can’t see your tree’s root flare, your tree could be in trouble.

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Ready to plant a new tree? How to choose the right tree.

Did you know that winter is a great time to plant trees here in Texas? Because our soils don’t freeze here in the DFW area, we can plant trees all winter long. With our extremely hot and dry summers, it’s always best to plant new trees well before the onset of summer. The more time you can give your new tree to acclimate and put down some new roots, the better. Now is a great time to get planting.

Root Flare Copy

More Flare Please!

As we visit properties throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, we consistently come across trees that have been improperly planted. In the case shown below, the tree was planted too deep. As it grew, the root flare became buried, ultimately causing the roots to gridle. Girdling roots can negatively affect the canopy development and proper branch growth. The tree will then begin to decline or ultimately die.

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Urban Forestry: Improving Life through Trees!

What is urban forestry? Understanding how trees improve our lives and how we can document and care for city trees is known as urban forestry. An urban environment filled with healthy trees has better air quality, more beautiful green space, habitat for wildlife and so much more.

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Celebrate Fall Arbor Day: Plant a Tree!

Fall…it’s almost here…can you feel it? Fall is a great time to lounge and entertain outdoors in Texas. The nights cool down, rainfall increases and we can look forward to starting a fire in the chiminea. Looking for more shade on back patio? You’re in luck…fall is the very best time to plant new trees.


Is Your Tree Dying? Could Be a Poor Planting Job!

Time and time again, we’re called out to assess trees that are in decline only to find that had it been properly planted in the beginning, the tree could have thrived.

Pts  Red  Oak

Texas Red Oak: A Native Favorite

We really need our shade trees here in North Texas. More importantly, we need to choose the right shade trees. Not all trees are well suited to our soils and climate, even if they seem to be popular choices.

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If your tree was screaming for help, would you hear it?

We are really tough on our urban trees. Often, they're suffering right before our eyes, but we just don't see the signs.

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Tornadoes in Dallas! Storm Leaves Trees Battered.

Tornadoes in Dallas! Storm Leaves Trees Battered. Here in Texas we do everything big...even the weather! We're all in recovery mode after yesterdays torrential rain storm and tornado threats. Large trees and branches came down all over town as a result of the high winds


Right Tree, Right Place: Watch out for those Power lines!

Trees that were planted in the easement have outgrown their space and are now obstructing power lines. Sadly, the city is then forced to severely prune these trees in order to clear them from the power lines.


Good tree care and landscaping practices go hand in hand.

Preservation Tree is a local company. That means we regularly work with other local companies to make sure all of your tree and landscape needs are taken care of properly and holistically. One of the companies we really enjoy working with in Fort Worth is Cody Landscape.

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Are Girdling Roots Hurting Your Tree?

Recently, we were called out to help some trees expose their roots and diagnose whether their roots were girdling. Girdling, or choking, causes a constriction of the major flare roots of a tree. This can affect canopy and proper branch growth.

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Transplanting Trees with City of Grapevine

Today, we want to give a shout out to the City of Grapevine for working to preserve trees! Currently, they are working on an extensive expansion project for their public library and recreation center.


The Case for Urban Trees: How do they affect you?

We’ve all heard and read stories about the need for trees. They clean the air, provide oxygen for us to breathe, cool our homes, offer shelter for wildlife, and prevent soil erosion. Here at Preservation Tree, we constantly think about and are aware of the trees around us. We heal them when they are sick, we care for them to keep them healthy

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Tree Tips: Winter Tree Care

Winter can often be a treacherous time for our urban trees. Because we fluctuate so quickly between warm and icy weather, our trees can really take a beating. The last ice storm was a wake up call for a lot of homeowners about the need for regular care and quality tree pruning, before an emergency situation happens. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we officially head into winter today:


Fall is for Planting and Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

We’ve told you why fall is a great time for planting new trees and shrubs here, but did you know that now is still a good time transplant trees and shrubs? Once all this ice is gone of course!

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Trees as Gifts? Yes, please!

Gifts for family members or close friends don't always have to involve a trip to the mall. If you want to give a gift that really keeps on giving, how about a tree?


Attract Orioles to Your Garden

One of the reasons we plant trees and continue to keep them in top shape is because they support our local wildlife habitat. Without the singing of birds or surprise of a butterfly, the landscape would more than lacking. With the right plant choices and care, our gardens come alive with the wildlife they attract, including an abundance of bird varieties.

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5 Best Texas Shade Trees

Let’s face it: Texas is hot. Planting large shade trees not only adds value to your home, but it can also offer respite from the heat, shade your home to reduce energy costs, provide a home for habitat, and add beauty to your landscape. When you live in an urban environment, it’s even more important to provide shade to homes and surrounding areas – all that extra concrete from roadways, sidewalks and buildings significantly increase temperatures in the city. Shade trees are a great way to cool things off!


Fall is for Tree Planting!

Did you know that fall is the very best time to plant trees in Texas? We all tend to get caught up with landscape and garden activities in the spring. But with our 12-month growing season and mild winters, planting in fall gives your new trees the best chance at not only surviving, but also thriving.

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Ginkgo Trees in Texas

It seems we’re always in a hunt for the most new exciting plant or tree on the market to plant in our landscapes. But, sometimes older is better. When it comes to tough trees that tolerate urban abuse, there aren’t many trees that can keep up with the ancient Ginkgo biloba, also known as Maidenhair Tree.

Texas  Buckeye

Native Texas Trees: Texas Buckeye

Texas is a big state: That means we have lots of native trees. From time to time we like to feature a Texas native tree so you can identify them in your own area. The Texas Buckeye (also referred to as an Ohio Buckeye), Aesculus glabra var. arguta, is classified as a small multi-trunked tree or large shrub. Distinctive features of this native tree are its large palmate leaves and white to yellow spring blooms held in large clusters. The large spiny fruit appears in summer and produce large shiny black seeds.

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Fall Tree color in DFW

Because of our weather here in the DFW area, good fall color is not always a guarantee. Rainfall needs to have been available through the year, the autumn days sunny and night temperatures cool in order to bring on the perfect show of fall color. If we get good fall color, it usually happens in November.

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Tree Profile: Cedar Elm

The Cedar Elm, Ulmus crassifolia, is one of the most common and widespread native trees in Texas. It grows all over the eastern half of the state, with the exception of the most southern parts. We love Cedar Elms because they are a tough, heat-tolerant shade tree that can weather out a drought. They also provide beautiful golden foliage color in fall.

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Urban Fruit Trees

While companies like ours typically spend most of our time focused on the care of your large shade trees, we also think it’s important to add fruit trees to your urban landscape. Planting even just one fruit tree is a small investment that can result in years of enjoyment. Many fruits are easy to grow in Texas with just a little effort.

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Risky Tree Removals

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree. Our main goal is to protect and nurture trees to an old age, but we must be prepared for the inevitable. Often, when a large tree has died it can be difficult to remove without damaging adjacent property. Our crews will carefully dissect and remove trees when required. We take all generated debris with us, leaving your property clean.


Arbor Day with Preservation Tree Services at Dallas Baptist University

How did you celebrate Arbor Day this year? Last Friday, we spent a great day at Dallas Baptist University planting new trees, feeding existing trees on property and teaching staff and students about the importance of urban trees.

Planting Hole

What should a tree planting hole look like?

There is the right way to plant a tree and the wrong way. Unfortunately, most trees in the Metroplex are planted improperly, which sets them up for a host of problems down the road. Planting a tree too low, then piling soil and mulch up around the base of the tree trunk will only lead to eventual disappointment. We all have goals when planting a new tree; be it providing shade for a patio, cutting energy costs in our home or adding visual features and focal points to our landscape. We all want our new trees to thrive and reach maturity with vigor.