Our Magnolia continues to put on lots of new leaves. It looks very Healthy. Drive by sometime and take a look. I think you should be proud of the work you did to save/restore this tree to health. God Bless ” - Danny N.

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Rams Horn

There's a Ram's Horn in My Tree??

What are ram's horns and how do they impact your tree?

Mexican Plum Tree Nrosen

How do You Place a Value on Your Trees?

From providing shade that saves money on our electric bills, to cleaning the air and creating homes for wildlife, trees are invaluable to our lives. We discuss our heartfelt thoughts about trees and why trees should be protected and preserved.

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Not Your Everyday Removal in McKinney

We recently removed three trees growing inside a house!

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The Pitfalls of Poor Planting: Did You Accidentally Kill Your Tree?

Proper planting is the key to a tree's great start!


Did you know your trees can get a sunburn? Even in winter!

When an inexperienced tree care company prunes too much of your tree’s canopy, they could cause permanent and irreparable damage. It can also create a serious safety hazard by weakening your tree.


Storm Damage: Fallen tree due to construction decades ago!

We were recently called out to a home in Arlington to remove a toppled tree. Before it fell down, if you were to look a the overall appearance of the tree, it may have appeared to be in good health. But here's what we found.


Who are you hiring to trim your trees?

How often do you get home to find a multitude of business cards on your porch for “tree trimmers” in your area? It might seem like a good idea to call one since you know it’s important to keep trees trimmed for overall health. However, we highly recommend you go ahead and compost those cards!


Tree Removal: Wrong Tree, Wrong Place

This summer, we had a tree emergency come up that had to be addressed immediately. A large, established pecan tree planted many years ago in an east Dallas neighborhood, was struggling. Over time, it had outgrown the tight space where it was planted.


Is Your Tree Dying? Could Be a Poor Planting Job!

Time and time again, we’re called out to assess trees that are in decline only to find that had it been properly planted in the beginning, the tree could have thrived.

Pts  Borer Damage 1

Are Borers Eating Your Tree From the Inside Out?!

While inspecting a client’s trees recently, we found a downed tree on the road and decided to take a closer look. It turned out that the tree was filled with borer insects, which were most likely the reason that the tree ultimately had to be taken down. Or at least they finished the job!

Pts Tree Protection

New Construction? Better Protect Your Trees!

There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing large, established tree. One of the reasons for large tree removals is damage due to surrounding construction.

Pts  Oak  Wilt 1

Live in Ft. Worth? Oak Wilt is Spreading!

One of the most devastating diseases in trees is Oak Wilt. Oak Wilt is a fungal disease caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum.

Pts Treeroots

If your tree was screaming for help, would you hear it?

We are really tough on our urban trees. Often, they're suffering right before our eyes, but we just don't see the signs.

Pts Stormdamge

Storms Destroy More Drought Stressed Trees in Dallas

We never like having to write these kinds of posts; but with the dramatic climate and weather we experience here in North Texas, it seems there's alwas a new storm worth talking about.


Good tree care and landscaping practices go hand in hand.

Preservation Tree is a local company. That means we regularly work with other local companies to make sure all of your tree and landscape needs are taken care of properly and holistically. One of the companies we really enjoy working with in Fort Worth is Cody Landscape.

Pts  Heard2

Removing Dead Trees at The Heard Museum

Recently, we were called up on to help out the The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, in Mckinney Texas, with some pruning and removal of dead trees.

Halleck Crapemurder

Extreme Tree Pruning: Pollarding and Crape Murder

Let’s face it; sometimes folks get a little too pruner-happy. Power tools can be seductive and once we’ve bought them we want to get our money’s worth. But it’s easy to take pruning too far. Now, there are some long-accepted forms of “extreme pruning”, such as Pollarding; but they must be done properly.

Ice Shrubs Sm

What to Expect from Your Ice Damaged Trees this Spring

Be Patient with Your Trees. They are Healing from Winter Storm Damage. You should wait to further prune large privacy shrubs and some trees that experienced heavy weight from the ice storm.

Transplant 3

Transplanting Trees with City of Grapevine

Today, we want to give a shout out to the City of Grapevine for working to preserve trees! Currently, they are working on an extensive expansion project for their public library and recreation center.

Ice Shrubs Sm

Tree Tips: Winter Tree Care

Winter can often be a treacherous time for our urban trees. Because we fluctuate so quickly between warm and icy weather, our trees can really take a beating. The last ice storm was a wake up call for a lot of homeowners about the need for regular care and quality tree pruning, before an emergency situation happens. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we officially head into winter today:


Fall is for Planting and Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

We’ve told you why fall is a great time for planting new trees and shrubs here, but did you know that now is still a good time transplant trees and shrubs? Once all this ice is gone of course!

Tree Benches

Our State Fair Booth Will Feature Recycled Trees as Furniture

We're super busy over here at Preservation Tree getting our display booth ready for the Texas State Fair! Be sure to stop by our booth where you'll be able to check out some of the amazing furniture we've crafted with Urban Lumber Products, Inc.

Black  Walnut Truck

Landfill? No Way. We Recycle Your Trees!

Here at Preservation Tree Services, our goal is not only to preserve healthy trees in your landscape; but also to make sure that trimmings or tree removals we take from your property are recycled responsibly rather than dumped in the landfill.

Live Oak Removal

Removing large established trees: Hard decision, but sometimes the right one.

As our name states, our constant goal is to protect and preserve the health of your trees so they can be enjoyed to their fullest. However, trees are living things and nothing is permanent. Sometimes we have to make the tough decision to take down a tree that might seem "normal" or healthy looking to the untrained eye. Perhaps the tree is of historical significance, as was the case with this 100 Year Old Red Oak on Swiss Avenue we had to remove this spring.


Preservation Tree Service: Experts in Emergency Tree Removals

North Texas is no stranger to high winds and big storms. A couple of nights ago we were supposed to have another big storm come through, but it ended up being a heavy rainstorm with moderate winds. Everyone in Dallas say "hey, that's it?" Even in what can seem like a "mild" storm or rainfall in our area, you can have serious tree damage; especially if the tree was in poor condition in the first place.

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Risky Tree Removals

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree. Our main goal is to protect and nurture trees to an old age, but we must be prepared for the inevitable. Often, when a large tree has died it can be difficult to remove without damaging adjacent property. Our crews will carefully dissect and remove trees when required. We take all generated debris with us, leaving your property clean.

Swiss Redoak1sm2

Removal of a 100 Year Old Red Oak

As our company name indicates, our first goal with any tree is to preserve it by improving it's overall health and vigor. But sometimes, we simply have to remove a tree for the safety of all involved. Trees are living things; they live and then they eventually die. They are not permanent fixtures. So while a 100 year old red oak may be historic, it may also be in serious decline. This was the case with just such a tree we recently had to take down in the History Swiss Avenue Distiric.

Preservation  Tree Removal11

What does it take to remove a tree stump?

When you're unfamiliar with a specific type of work, it can be hard to know whether the prices you're being quoted are justified or not. We thought we'd show you a few photos of a recent job we were working on where were had to remove a stump. It's not easy! As you can see in the photo, This wasn't a very large tree in terms of circumference. Even so, it takes a lot of work to get an established stump completely removed in order to plant new tree or shrub specimens.

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Crane Training Takes Safety Lessons to New Heights

Certified Arborist and Registered Consulting Arborist Micah Pace reports on a recent skills and safety training workshop involving trees and cranes.

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Not Your Everyday Tree Removal: Part 1

The basics of expert tree removal by Urban Forester, Micah Pace.

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Not Your Everyday Tree Removal: Part 2

Urban Forester, Micah Pace, uses expert skill to remove three trees from the center of a McKinney home.


Our tree removal crew safely removes a large, dead Red Oak tree

Now on YouTube - One of our clients shot and edited this time-lapsed video of our tree removal crew safely taking down a large Red Oak in their back yard. And they are correct...this is why you call in the experts!

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Tree Removals Take Planning, Precision

Removing a large tree from a residential landscape demands careful planning and professional execution.