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Shade On Sidewalks

Ask an Arborist: What can I do to get my trees and lawn to co-exist?

Lawn grasses are sun-lovers..and big trees make lots of shade.

Ginkgo Leaf Sm

Ask an Arborist: Why did the leaves fall off my Gingko trees before they turned yellow?

Why did the leaves fall off my Gingko trees before they turned yellow? Our arborist Kenneth Smith fielded this question during a site visit to check on his client's trees as North Texas was experiencing intermittent freeze warnings.

Pts Training Day And Picnic 6 22 18 123

Giving Back to the Tree Care Industry

Certified Arborists at Preservation Tree Services Educate & Train others in the Tree Care Industry

063 Silhouette Tree Cables

Ask an Arborist: What is Tree Cabling?

How does tree cabling work, and does it hurt your trees?

Dormancy Provides Growth Analysis Opportunities

Ask an Arborist: Pruning in Winter?

ISA Certified Arborist Chad Simmons explains how he assesses what type of pruning a tree needs, no matter the season.

Consulting Arborist Inventory Measurment

The Benefits of Partnering with a Registered Consulting Arborist

Micah Pace explains the benefits of partnering with a consulting arborist in Landscape Management magazine.

Elm Branches 002

Species to Species: Not All Trees Created Equal

Micah Pace recently discovered similar but different tree species growing near each other on a local Dallas landscape.


Our SEASONS Program Keeps Your Trees Healthy & Strong!

Our organic SEASONS program promotes tree health by improving plant growth, but also arming your trees with biological defenses to ward off insects and instill disease resistance.