Steve Clary did a wonderful job with our trees, we are so pleased. ” - Gabe S.

Identification Guide: Tree Species

cedar elm sm

Cedar Elm

One of our favorite trees for North Texas.


Monterrey Oak Tree

If you’re looking for a beautiful, large oak to provide shade to your home, grow quickly and not succumb to oak wilt, a Monterrey Oak just might be the perfect solution!


Pecan Tree

Pecan Tree, the state tree of Texas, offers wonderful shade and delicious fruit.


Texas Mountain Laurel

Love the smell of grape Kool-aide? Then give this drought tolerant tree a try!

Spec  Yaupon  Holly  Cultured  Plano   Tx  2

Yaupon Holly

Plant this small tree for it's evergreen foliage and bright red winter berries.

7 Trunk Live Oak We Care For

Live Oak

Live Oaks are beautiful, but big!

Ginkgo Leaf Sm

Ginkgo Tree

The ancient Ginkgo tree is a tough shade tree for Texas landscapes.

Texas Buckeye

Texas Buckeye

Plant this native tree to withstand the heat while looking gorgeous in your landscape.