Billy & crew came as schedule and did a superb job. Thank you! ” - Charles H.

For Large Tree Removal, You Want an Expert in Charge

Here's Solis, one of our very long-time company veterans, posing next to this 46.5 inch Red Oak stump, for photo perspective. Solis self-reports that he is 6ft 3in tall and 280 lbs. Solis, you are now officially famous. 

In all seriousness though, if you are faced with having to remove a very large tree this is definitely the time to delegate the task to the professionals at Preservation Tree. We are bonded, insured, accredited, and our crew safety training is top-notch. We can remove the tree in a safe and efficient manner, clearing away all the debris. We can also offer stump grinding services, especially needed if you plan to have us plant a new tree in the now vacated space.

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Categories: Safety
Tags: Oak, Preservation, stump grinding, tree , Tree Removal
Posted: April 12, 2018