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There are a lot of companies out there that claim to be "tree experts." Unfortunately, many simply don't have the technical knowledge, experience, and tools with which to get the job done right. We have background and experience to make sure your biggest tree concerns are addressed the right way. Here are some detailed case studies and before-and-afters for you to review while making your choice of a tree care company.


Take-All Root Rot in Lawns

We are using our Seasons Lawn program and Talk-All Root Rot treatments to rehab severely affected lawns.

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Q&A: What happens when lightning strikes your tree?

Lightning is a dangerous part of Texas storm season. A hit to your tree, however, doesn't always mean your tree's a forgotten specimen. In some instances, the tree can be healed. Here is one such story.

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How Preservation Tree is Continuing to Heal Trees at the Dallas Baptist University Campus

We're using ArborJet treatments to heal chlorotic, nutrient depleted trees on this beautiful campus. See the before and after results.

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New Beginnings: One Family’s Story About how the 2000 Tornado in Fort Worth, Texas devastated their trees.

Extreme Texas weather versus trees that have been standing for generations. Who won the battle and how did the trees fare?

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A Tricky Tree Removal

Urban Forester, Micah Pace, removes three trees from the center of a McKinney home using expert skills and an amazing crew.


Preservation Tree Services uses Arborjet to Heal Chlorotic Trees: Before & After

See before & after images of how we treat severely chlorotic trees.

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Canopy Thinning & End-Limb Weight Reduction: Before & After

Reducing limb weight can save your trees and your property from damage during storm season.


Straightening a Leaning Tree: Before & After

Have a tree that leans? With the proper replanting and care, it can grow straight again.