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Favorite Fruit Trees for North Texas

Since it is prime fruit tree pruning season, we thought we’d round up a list of some of our favorite fruit trees for DFW.

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Reduce Spring Tree Pests with Dormant Oil in Winter

It is necessary to treat for insects using dormant oil before they become an issue in the spring.

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Mistletoe: The Parasite in Your Backyard!

Did you know that mistletoe is actually a parasite that attaches itself to trees, sucking up nutrients & water in order to survive?

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Extra Rainfall Can Cause Fungal Diseases in Your Landscape

All this rain has been good for our local lakes and reservoirs, but it can have some adverse effects on your trees and landscape by causing fungal diseases.


Our Top Tree Blog Posts of 2018

Since we are about to close out on another year, we thought we’d take a look back at the most popularly read blogs of 2018.

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Keep Groundcovers in Check

Groundcover plants certainly have their place in the landscape. Asian jasmine and liriope are popular choices for many landscapes in North Texas. However, when planted at the base of your trees and left unchecked, they can cause costly problems.

Root Flare Exposure Work Uncovers Girdlig Root To Be Cut

Root Flare Exposure Work Exposes Big Tree Problems

Root flare exposure work can throw a lifeline to an ailing tree.

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How Compacted Soil can Kill Your Trees

Rainfall in North Texas has been unrelenting at times this fall. Flooding and runoff are two obvious consequences of the heavy rain. Soil compaction is a less obvious issue, but one that can have a bit impact on your trees.