Leo & crew cleaned up extra branches that I had stacked on ground, clean-up always exceeds expectations. ” - Ruth W.



Record Deep Freeze in Texas

Record Deep Freeze in Texas and What it Means for Your Trees


Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are a common lawn disease


Supporting the Texas Discovery Gardens

Supporting our City Green Spaces & Parks


Ask an Arborist: Construction Damage

Tree Construction Damage


Know Your Soil Type

Not all landscape soil is created equal. In fact, the texture and type of soil has an influence on which plants can or can't be grown successfully in your landscape. Soil type can vary widely across the DFW Metroplex.


Favorite Ornamental Trees for Small Urban Spaces

We realize that not all properties have room for a giant shade tree, so we compiled a list of our favorite ornamental trees for small urban spaces.


Ask an Arborist: Why are my pear trees blooming in the fall?

Weather can trick nature into doing some funny things. In fact, just a few weeks ago, Arborist Scott Dahlberg snapped a photo of an in bloom Bradford Pear.


Trees are for the Birds! Mississippi Kites are on the Move

While our arborists are out in the field inspecting trees, they often get a bird’s eye view of urban wildlife. Trees are such an important habitat for critters of all kinds; observing the insects and vertebrates that call them home is part of our job.