I was concerned about how this would look after the work was finished, and I shouldn't have been! I am THRILLED with the work that Preservation Tree did! I sometimes just walk out in my yard and admire how beautiful my tree looks now! ” - Bonnie P.

It’s getting cold outside...You still need to feed your trees!

You might be thinking as we head into winter that your trees will soon go dormant, no longer needing any of your attention. However, you might be surprised to learn that your tree's roots continue to grow and take up water and nutrients even after freezing temperatures arrive. In fact, trees in our area can put on a good amount of their annual growth during winter months. Trees don’t really completely shut down in winter and neither should tree care.

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Your soil feeds your trees.

When you decide upon an Earth-friendly approach to your tree and landscape care, your focus will naturally shift from synthetic fertilizers to overall soil health. In an organic maintenance program, creating a healthy soil is what ultimately sustains healthy plants. Soil is a living organism: When healthy, it is teaming with with microbes, mycorrhizal fungi and organic matter. Healthy soil helps your plants naturally take up more of the water, air and nutrients they need to thrive.

What should you feed your soil in winter?

Each season your trees have special needs that change with the change in the temperature and overall weather. While winter is not the time to pump your trees full of intense fertilizers, it is time to give your soil a boost.

In winter, we feed the soil with liquid compost extract, beneficial bacteria and other essential micro-organisms your soil needs to stay productive. Feeding and aerating the soil now will help your trees better withstand year-round seasonal pressures, such as heat, drought, storms and ice. Not to mention, all those pests out there who’d love to take a bite out of your trees.

What is the SEASONS program?

Our goal is always is to treat your trees using environmentally sustainable practices. One way we accomplish that is with our SEASONS tree healthcare program. The less impact we can have on your surrounding environment, the better. Over time, an organic maintenance regimen is always more beneficial to your trees and local habitat, and even your family.

More than just plant fertilization, our Eco-friendly SEASONS program focuses on soil health. Each season, we feed the soil to boost the living microorganisms, organic matter and oxygen in the soil that keeps your tree’s feeder roots strong and productive.

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Posted: November 30, 2015