Scott & Kelly: I just want to thank you both so much for fitting [us] in your schedule yesterday. I went by there this morning and the guys did a wonderful job. ” - Keith J.


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Continuing our Education at the Texas Tree Conference

In our quest to continue to be a leader in our industry, we will have a big presence at this year's ISA Texas Tree Conference.

Pts Tree Protection

Can Your Neighbor’s Construction Damage or Kill Your Trees? Yes.

The legalities surrounding your trees, your neighbors, and construction can get complicated. In this blog, we’ll break it down for you.

Power Line Pruning 2

Trees Getting in the Way of Utility Lines: Whose Responsibility is it?

Whose problem is it really when trees infringe on power lines or other utilities?

Urban American Elm With Stressors

Signs of Construction Damage Stress on Elm Trees

Certified Arborist Getth Nelson explains environmental stresses affecting a large American Elm.

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Vermicomposting Clinic

Once again, Preservation Tree is helping to host and lead an in-depth workshop on vermicomposting. The master class on harnessing the benefits of composting is set for August 10 and 11.

Cedar Rust

Weird Tree Disease: Cedar Apple Rust

While weird plant diseases can certainly be harmful to your trees...some of them are just so interesting! One of the most odd and intriguing tree diseases is Cedar Apple Rust.

Rams Horn

There's a Ram's Horn in My Tree??

What are ram's horns and how do they impact your tree?

Peach Prunus Persica Fruiting Up Close 3

Can My Neighbor Take Fruit From My Trees?

​It’s fruiting season for many of the fruit trees we grow here in North Texas. With that comes the temptation for passersby and neighbors to swipe the fruit right from your tree. But, what really does the law say about this?