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The Consulting Group

Professional Consulting Services are high-level evaluations/assessments related to understanding more about tree health, risk, preservation, valuations and appraisals, and other client-defined management goals that require credentialed professionals.

When do you need a Registered Consulting Arborist?

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Tree Appraisal

A professional Tree Appraisal involves a formal process of establishing a tree/trees' monetary value. Tree appraisal can be a useful tool in situations involving wrongful removal, tree-related accidents, insurance claims and site restoration. Our registered consulting arborists use standard, accepted guidelines as established by the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA).

Expert Witness

PTCG can provide expert witness/testimony (Defendant/Plaintiff) for any tree-related accidents or legal issues from the initial legal proceedings through all phases of the trial. PTCG can satisfy the unique demands of litigation by providing comprehensive analysis while addressing key issues with clear and concise testimony

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Preserving and growing healthy and profitable urban forest resources.

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Tree Preservation

Tree cover is a valuable and important asset for any piece of property. Effective planning and management is essential for long term viability of trees. Preservation Tree Consulting Group provides management strategies for all phases of tree preservation projects: pre-construction planning, tree protection monitoring and implementation throughout all phases, and post-construction long term tree health care plans. Proper tree preservation measures help to reduce the risk of tree damage/loss, maximize their health and beauty, and provide best management goals long term.

Urban Forestry Services

Urban Forestry is the systematic management and care of all naturally occurring and planted trees, as well as associated plants that exist where we live, work and play. Purposeful and planned management of urban trees within our cities and towns help to maximize the multiple environmental and social benefits trees provide.

Urban Forestry Services Include:

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Tree Inventories

  • A partial or full collection of tree inventory data including tree location, tree species type, tree size, condition, and management needs.

Tree Risk Assessments

  • Evaluation of the level of risk an individual tree or multiple trees on a property or site represent to people or property. Candidates for risk assessment are often identified during a tree inventory but no existing inventory is required.

Municipal Tree Management

  • Local municipal governments play an important role in providing the overall environmental and social benefits urban trees provide. Public trees maintained by local municipalities grow within parks, along transportation corridors and roads within rights-of-ways and in medians, as well as on municipal properties such as city hall, libraries, and police and fire stations. PTCG can assist communities with Local Tree Ordinance Development, Annual Work Plan Development, Urban Forest Master Plan Development, Professional Scope of Work and Tree Care Specification Development for annual tree care contracts and RFP’s.

Special Projects/Assessments

  • Consultation services for enhanced management of the urban forest resource. Special projects may include assessments of current management practices and recommendations towards client-specific goals. Urban Forestry Consultation can assist the management planning of an entire community or lend our expertise towards the goals of a specific project, such as tree preservation during development or construction projects.


  • Professional education services related to the selection, establishment, pruning, and overall care of urban trees. Presentations/training can be specifically tailored to your group’s needs and goals.

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