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Crane Training Takes Safety Lessons to New Heights

Preservation Tree specializes in advanced arboriculture, technical pruning and removals.  This kind of high skill set does not come easily.  We value and commit ourselves to continued education and training so that your trees and property receive the best care.  We recently attended the Cranes and Trees master’s level workshop in Fort Worth, Texas sponsored by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), Texas Chapter. 

Field Instruction

Workshop attendees pay close attention to instructor Mark Chisholm, as he discusses proper sling attachment to the ball of the crane.

The one-day workshop, led by Mark Chisholm, focused on practical and advanced rigging techniques, estimating log weight, and making proper cuts associated with removals and crane use.  Mark is an instructor, working arborist and ISA world champion tree climber. Students received expert instruction both in class at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden’s Education Center and outdoors at Trinity Park where a tree removal demonstration with the use of a crane was performed.

Final Removal Cut

Small problems with planning, technique, or implementation can become big accidents that can lead to lost time, money, and even life, explains Instructor Mark Chisholm, as the final removal cut is made.

In the dense urban environment, both pruning and removals can be very complicated due to limited property access for specialized equipment, heightened risk from the presence of high-value infrastructure, and unaddressed defects in trees, which make the pruning/removal even more challenging.  That’s what makes professional training so important.  When there is limited tolerance for error, you’ll be glad you chose Preservation Tree.

-Micah Pace, Registered Consulting Arborist #607, Certified Arborist TX-3752

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Executing a strategic removal plan, the crane operator lifts the tree up and out of harm's way.

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Posted: March 8, 2018