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Monterrey Oak Tree

Monterrey Oaks are fairly fast growing as far as oaks go. The bark is rough and the leaves are oblong with medium-sized acorns. Monterrey Oaks can almost be considered a Texas native tree, but there is only a small population of them growing natively in the Laredo area. They’re most often found growing natively in Mexico. The plants thrive in Texas and are becoming a favored oak among landscapers.

If you are looking for a beautiful, large oak to provide shade to your home, grow quickly and not succumb to oak wilt, a Monterrey Oak just might be the perfect solution! Fall and winter is an excellent time to plant new trees in Texas, so don’t wait until spring. If you have a Live Oak or Red Oak on your property, and are concerned about oak wilt, fall is also an excellent time for preventative treatment.


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Tags: Drought, Oak, Trees
Posted: November 23, 2015

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